Blind Faith

Blind Faith is a side scrolling puzzle adventure game where the player assumes the role of Nina Renner, a young systems analyst who is trapped in a computerized afterlife. Nina must solve puzzles and move backwards in time, triggering memories and hyperrealities to figure out how she got there in the first place.

 This game has been developed working one day a week for 13 weeks.

A HUB Games production.


Blind Faith’ An Experiment With Narrative Agency in Game Design” Human-Computer Interaction: Interaction Technologies August 2015


Executive Producer: Deb Polson
Game Designer and Writer: Vidhi Shah
Programmer: Ryan Quagliata
Artists and Animators: Belinda Terry and Mara Ingham
Sound Design: Stewart Whitely
Student Producer: Nicky Watson

NOTE: A working release of chapter one of Blind Faith is due for public testing in Mid 2015. Contact to receive a Testflight invitation.



As the Lead Designer, Writer and Product Owner of Blind Faith, I created and pitched the initial concept to industry members and colleagues to recruit team members and garner support.


 During the pre-production phase I wrote scripts and dialogues, conducted character studies, storyboarded the game alongside a concept artist, created paper prototypes, conducted mechanic tests, designed puzzles and design documentation.


My goals were to experiment with mechanics, aesthetics and dynamics that would help deliver narrative in the best possible way. This was done by testing overall design concepts storyboarding and then testing in unity. Most of the prototyped mechanics were scrapped in the final game but the exercise helped push the game forward creatively and mechanically.



Aesthetics play a huge role in the game. I spent hours working with the sound designer to get his work implemented and sounding exactly how I wanted it. Each room and space has unique sounds and electronic sound effects to add to the narrative.



Spoiler Alert!