On Call M.D.

Simply put, On Call M.D. is a game about triage. You take on the role of a doctor who has to diagnose and treat waves of patients based on their symptoms. It is up to you, which patients do you save and which ones do you sacrifice? Your job security is based on your performance.
This game was made using Unity and developed in 48 hours. A working build is available here:https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B4KIZd-6s2JYY3pJSlZtY1Z4RkU&usp=sharing

Sorry Dev is:
Designer/ Producer: Vidhi Shah
Programmers: Corey Taylor and Ryan Quagliata
Artists: CL Terry and Rachel Grieveson
Sound: Joe Saxby

After an incredibly intense weekend I am proud to say that my team, Sorry Dev, has won the prizes, specifically the second prize for ‘Who Dares Wins’, a category for making the most daring game in 48 hours.
On Call MD,  was based on the three keywords, ‘sacrifice, wave and guard’.

On Call M.D. is inspired by games such as The Firm and Papers, Please.
As a desinger and producer I was in charge of the concept, mechanics, UI and game progression. I created a strict timeline for the execution of this game to maximise efficiency and create the best deliverable product.
Since there was very little time to test the game, I spent the first few hours selecting diseases, the symptoms of those diseases, the severity of the diseases, time before death and time to cure and created projections of these times and difficulties.
There are over 50 possible scenarios, 5, major areas of the human body that can be diagnosed, 5, characters with varying levels of severities, over 50 character variations, over 50 possible diseases and a very fast ticking clock all designed and developed in 48 hours!
We hope to complete the production of this game and release it on mobile devices in 2015.